Newcastle, Wicklow

Wed Apr 21, 2021 4:25 pm

Tide, dropping
Bait, all sorts
Time, 6pm till 10:30pm
Wind, light south easterly
Results, 1 founder, 1 dogfish, countless whiting
Quick report, fished Newcastle on a dropping tide from high water down for a few hours, sea was very calm, weather was lovey, no weed, even though it was a small tide there was still quite a rip on the beach.
No fish during daylight, just after dark had a small flounder on lug/squid, then a small doggie on rag, then the whiting showed up, big hooks, small hooks, in close, out far, didn’t matter they where everywhere. Called it a night around 10:30pm I was getting cold and the whiting were doin my nut in :D
All fish were small didn’t bother with any pics.