Poulsallagh, Clare 17.04.21

Mon Apr 19, 2021 10:27 am

When: Saturday 17th April
Where: Poulsallagh, Clare
Time: 15:00-21:15
Tide: High tide at 20:50
Bait: Rag, Squid & Mackerel
Results: Blank
Weather: Clear until 18:00 then persistent drizzle/light rain. Windy (Southerly).

First chance to get to the sea this year.
Got to Poulsallagh/Ballyreen area to find council have blocked off entry to the fields with boulders, presumably to deter camping :roll: .
Still has parking at the road side.
Got set up with pulley rigs on long rod, alternating between 3/0 specimen extras and size 4 circle hooks on a pennel.
Set up a float on spinning rod with rag, when I got no action on this changed to spinning.
Mostly used the ragworm, as I got some fresh and wanted to make use of it.
Only action was a positive bite that cleaned the rag off the 3/0 hook.
Between the wind and strong current my leads shifted a bit, lost a couple of hook traces to rough ground, but happily the rest of the rig was returned.
I was happy to get out. Rivers just don't do it for me.