finally got out

Sat Feb 27, 2021 7:30 pm

well I had about enough so planned an escape to a local north coast beach, after getting some bait mostly from my freezer, I made my way to the mark. The plan was to fish either side of low water for the mythical bass but with a bright moon and a pounding surf my chances where slim. In fact not much happened all night I only got two bites resulting in two flounder at 20cm each. At least I didn't blank which was better than the other two guys fishing as they never had a bite. Must admit it was great getting out again and I hope I can get out again soon.

Re: finally got out

Sat Feb 27, 2021 8:27 pm

Good stuff, least didn't blank. Tried estuary yesterday and not a sniff was on lures doh. Too early I'm sure. Does anyone know when the schooly bass come up around Dublin in decent numbers? End march or end of April?

Re: finally got out

Mon Mar 01, 2021 5:39 pm

Is a full moon not good for bass fishing?

Re: finally got out

Mon Mar 01, 2021 11:30 pm

new moon better

Re: finally got out

Fri Mar 05, 2021 12:38 pm

Great stuff, good to hear that there's a few flounder about inshore. I was aiming to get out on the 27th also, I had dug bait and was ready to go. Had to cancel due to injury. I was aiming for a few flounder and maybe a chance of a Bass. Great to hear people are getting out.
Thanks for the report