Red Rock, Sutton 06.01.2021

Wed Jan 06, 2021 9:44 pm

When: 06/01/2021
Where: Red Rock to the left of the martello tower.
Duration: 15:30-18:00
High Water: 16:56
Equipment: 15ft surf rod and 11ft bass rod with pennel pulley rigs 4/0 offset main hook & 1/0 circle hook pennel.
Bait: The last of my leftover black lugworm wraps, squid and mackerel.
Conditions: Cold and breezy
Result: Blank

Originally planned on fishing Malahide either the beach or high rock as that would have been within my 5km limit but the beach was packed full of people and high rock was taken so I just kept driving, headed to red rock in Sutton and set up just past the martello tower in the hopes of some winter codling. I fished 1 hour up and 1 hour down but sadly didn't get any bites and bait was coming back untouched. Was nice to get out though and scratch the itch!
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Re: Red Rock, Sutton 06.01.2021

Wed Jan 06, 2021 11:07 pm

a trip down memory lane for me- dublin bay and catching nothing!

Re: Red Rock, Sutton 06.01.2021

Thu Jan 07, 2021 1:01 pm

fair play on getting out - not much better over on galway bay - lots of blanks this weather

Re: Red Rock, Sutton 06.01.2021

Thu Jan 07, 2021 1:24 pm

Nice to be out Gonzo,

a scale down in your hooks should see a few small fish to avoid teh blanks and keep you busy, admittedly it can't be good out at present BUT scaling down may surprise you.

Size 6 hooks with a small piece of black and tipped with Mac or Squid sliver will bring plenty of small whiting the odd flats and rockling this time of year.

Good luck!