Killiney Beach?

Tue Apr 13, 2004 7:12 am

Went down to Killiney beach area on Sunday. I say area because it was to the left of Killiney beach in a small cove with a viaduct behind me and rocks to the left. There's a really convenient concrete platform there to fish from and as it was so calm, sea-birds were fishing at my feet.

Fished from 2pm to 6pm with rag/mussel/squid combos and caught.......
absolutely nothing. Had a couple of crabby bites, but no fish.

Nice spot though, casting over rough ground into sand and weed. Might be worth a try in summer, though I think it would be plagued by the sand tourists!!

White Rock

Tue Apr 13, 2004 10:29 am

The area to the left of Killiney beach is called White Rock. It is rumoured that bass frequent the area, but The two or three times Iv'e fished there, Iv'e caught nothing. Further round there is a bathing place, where spinning for Pollack an be productive (sometimes!). To get to it you need to cross the DART line over the next bridge.

Tue Apr 13, 2004 4:02 pm

i have fished here a few times. problem is is that in summer it is jammers with swimmers, etc. not a bad spot though. myself and my friend have had whiting, coalies, plaice, flounder, rockling, dabs and wrasse from this spot. i aqm sure there are bass ( fish for them in November) here for they have been caught on Killiney beach. the coalies are small and show during quite times of the year along with rockling. whiting can be half decent- around Christmas time, fish baits work well. there can be an odd decent flounder around at different times- peeler can be essential for them though. if u fish too the left of the cove near the rocks onto mixed ground u will get odd wrasse to 2lb. plus flounder. plaice show in summer although i have not caught a decent one, but i would say one could turn up. there can be vast numbers of small flounders here at times (in summer) which take any bait! floating beads seems to pick out slightly bigger ones. one thing wotrth a try in summer is to walk down to the left of the cove at low tide. u can then climb up the rocks and fish off them, avoiding the swimmers/ surfers. i haven't tried it yet but it's worth a shot. there seems to be a sandbank out in front of them which may have a resident plaice or two. u could also fish at your feet for an odd wrasse. i had only one dab here before of 14", my biggest to date and a nice fish. i caught him before Christmas on small king rag at the very beginning of the flood tide. distance casting is necessary in calm seas in winter. hope this helps. * mackeral can come in to the cove in summer. can u tell me more about the rocks over the other bridge? thanks.......


Tue Apr 13, 2004 7:46 pm

From now on this venue becomes increasingly difficult to fish because of the aformentioned swimmers, surfers and canooists. Even early risers will rarely have the place to themselves. I also fished it on sunday morning to the right over the sand and blanked for three hours. Two weeks ago on the same tide I had numerous whiting here though the water was coloured. The following morning (yesterday ) I fished Kilcoole for flats. Over the bottom of the tide and the first hours of the rise, I had a dozen dabs, two big flounder and my first plaice of the year which went 29 cm. Only blackspot was a trawler less than a a mile offshore that swept the area continuously while I was there.

White Rock 09/05/2004 13:00 to 16:00 Hight tide 15:00

Tue May 11, 2004 9:54 am

A few of us fished this small beach north of Killiney beach for 2 hours before high tide and 1 hour after.
Bait used was ragworm tipped with squid and frozen sardine. The ragworm landed a small dab and a dogfish. There was a few bites on the sardine but I suspect the hook was a bit small for the bait.
Also tried spinning from the small jetty without any luck. There were plenty of sandeels visible in the water and plenty of diving birds so I reckon this might be worth a visit again.
However there were a lot of swimmers, walkers and dogs on the beach. A nice spot all the same to enjoy on a Sunday afternoon.