June 30th & July 1st - Kerry

Wed Jul 01, 2020 5:25 pm

Hi All,

Finally got a break with the weather (winds were blowing as if it's the middle of winter!) and forecast was showing wind is dropping...tried the black rock off Ballyheigue in Kerry starting 2 hours before high tide into an hour after, soft lures, hard lures, tried it all..and blanked!
Sea conditions were absolutely perfect but couldn't get a single bite.
Can I ask you how you avoid sea weed "breaking" the lures movement? I tried fishing weedless for all the soft lures and still got sea weed on the lure pretty much every cast..I only use a tiny clip before the lure/jighead itself.

Re: June 30th & July 1st - Kerry

Sun Jul 05, 2020 7:29 am

A swivel Between your main line and your leader about 3’ up from your lure should help as it will stop the weed that slides down your main line. If your still getting weed on your lure, lose the clip. Tie a rapala knot or Palmer knot dependent upon the action of the lure. Swap out trebles for single hooks. If you’re still picking up weed there’s probably no other option than to move to a different mark where it’s a bit cleaner. A lot of my usual marks are very bad with weed this year, then I favour a 6” do live stick rigged weedless with a rapala knot, if that picks up weed in head off.