Swilly trip

Wed Jul 01, 2020 5:11 pm

With the weather settling for a bit and having the next day off(Wednesday) I decided to head fishing, so after dinner I packed up the car with enough gear to choke a horse, I raided the freezer for bait I headed off to a outer swilly Rock mark. Once I got to the mark I quickly set up a spinning rod and a float rig, went for a walk and promptly fell on the rocks, damaging both rods, not too badly just bent rings, on the other had my left knee and right shin didn't get off easily. Just goes to show that even taking care it's easy to trip and fall, just bald it wasn't too bad just bruising and cuts and rods where fixed on the spot, so take care when rock fishing. Anyhow I set up the float rod for pollock and spun for wrasse, I was full of hope as it looked idea, well I didn't get a tap so after a few hours of trying I headed to a nearby pier. Once again I spun, float fished end did a bit of lrf but nothing. Dander end back to the car to set up the big rods and conger gear, stopping to talk to a lobster boat man doing repairs to his boat and he told me that the congers seemed to have become scarce around here, not great news and before I could even set up the big guns a crowd of tinsel checkers showed up. So I sat in my car and had a wee think and decided I would go on a ray hunt instead, so in my waterproofs and boots I drove 40 minutes to an inner swilly mark, hoping that the freshwater in the system wouldn't put the fish off. The mark was clear and flat clam so out came the big rods and fish baits, first chuck and the sky's opened and the rain came down and it didn't stop until I packed up. Anyhow first cast was only out and I got a doggie rattle, oh no I thought not the first cast curse, once the doggie was unhooked the other rod went, another doggie. Well it was like this for the rest of the session, doggie bite after doggie bite, looks like I had found the doggie pack and they where hungry but then the distance rod gave a shudder and pulled over and stayed over, the fist ray of the night, not big around 5lbs. I managed 5 Ray's in total all small males around the 5lb mark and a load more doggies, so at 2.30am with no bait left I reluctantly packed away my gear and headed home for some food. All in all it didn't turn out a bad wee trip(pun intended) , until next time tight lines lads.

Re: Swilly trip

Mon Jul 06, 2020 4:24 pm

Nice session despite the fall, you perseverance paid off, well done, thanks for the report :)