South Wexford Beach

Fri Dec 06, 2019 12:13 pm

Was eager to get out and try Rostoonstown beach but the conditions were not ideal. A strong easterly wind was blowing, great for the Kites!!. At least rain was not in the forecast so decided to go for it. Collected my crab and frozen black lug from Colm in Rosslare after having some food on the drive down.
Landed on the beach just as the tide was reaching low.There appeared to be a fair swell so i just hoped the weed situation would be ok. Got the first rod out and was happy there wasnt weed showing and got the second rod out shortly after. Using a pulley pennel rig and a pulley dropper rig fishing crab and black lug cocktails the tide began to return and not long after a nice little schoolie bass, quick photo and returned to the wild sea. Happy with a nice fish in the fading day light. As the darkness came i readied my torch and lamp and reminded myself of my way back to the car should i have to leave. The wind was picking up and I could not get over the wildness of the sea with its huge waves pounding the shoreline. Began to get a good bite on a full big crab bait and was getting excited but it turned out to be a nice dog fish, oh well, theres still time i said. Conditions were rapidly growing rough. A mist was forming along the shore from the waves and the wind and big fronds of kelp began hitting my lines and dragging my rigs away with the tide. It was looking like the end was coming. I brought one rod in and fished just the one rod casting out into the darkness and boiling sea. Saw these one or two bites in between the rod tip moving with wind and tide and lifted into a small fish, only saw it was a little codling as it came to my feet, deep hooked 40cm. It had swallowed one of the hooks so that was coming home. Happy with my first codling and determined to return again hopefully in better conditions. Retreated to the car after packing up with a big smile on my face.
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Re: South Wexford Beach

Fri Dec 06, 2019 12:26 pm

Not an easy mark to fish the best of times nevermind with an Easterly blowing.
Well deserved return for battling on.
Cool report too.