Shannon estuary, 31st October 2019

Fri Nov 01, 2019 11:49 am

Venue: Shannon Estuary, co Limerick
Date/Time: 31rd October 6:30pm-9pm
Tides/Weather: High water at 19:30pm, Cloudy, mild, light rain and SE wind
Result: 2 thornback rays (2lb and 4lb)
Loses: 2 leads, 2 rigs due to snagging.

Yesterday I tried to escape from Halloween to do some fishing in Shannon Estuary in a quiet place.
Arriving at the venue just after 6pm I began to unpack my gear, there was a light rain.
Fishing two rods as usual: 2up/1 down with longer traces for one rod and Wessex rig (1up/1down hooks with running ledger lead) on the second rod.
I had 2 whole frozen mackerels and some peeler crab. First bite was after 15 minutes after I refreshed the bait first time.
This was not strong biting, so I expected small strap conger, so this was a ray!!
I got my first ray at Halloween night 4 years ago, never caught rays since.. and yesterday again, ray, caught on a strip of mackerel.
In fairness I was not really fishing for rays, preferring always pollock/wrasse fishing from cliffs or dogs from piers.

Then the fishing became quiet, I was refreshing baits but no other bites.
This year I started to use peeler crab but never got a fish on it. Yesterday I made a few baits from medium size crabs twisted around the hook by elastic and put on the bottom hook, nothing again.. I know this is a great bait, will try again next time.
Also squid is in my bucket list to try also.

Around 8pm I was reeling in to change the bait but just after a second I felt the reel was really heavy as I hit some seaweed.
At the end I realized this was a second ray, bigger than the first one, also caught on mackerel and properly hooked at the mouth.
I have a feeling the ray took the bait while i was reeling.

This was my last fish, I started to packing up, heading back to home, the rain also became heavier.
Anyway, great fishing in my opinion, new specie for this year.
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