North east cod hunt

Thu Oct 31, 2019 2:48 pm

Not often it happens but with a day off today and the wife on early shifts I went fishing last night. With a few frosty mornings and an easterly breeze I knew of a mark that could produce a codling or two. So after work I hit the tackle shop to get bait and bits, so with the wallet lighter I headed home to make dinner. No sooner was the dishwasher on I was packed and ready to go, I reach the parking spot about 8pm got suited and booted then started the short walk to the mark. First bait in the water at 8.30pm and while I was setting up my next bait the rod tip went, a bite first cast and I missed it. Fresh lug went out and I watched the tip in anticipation, the strong wind made the tip bounce but the fish didn't. Big lug baits went out, big lug baits came back, even the crabs didn't want to bite. Eventually my squid had defrosted enough to make a lug squid combo, so baited up and sent the big bait out, didn't have to wait long when a bite came, it looked like a doggie dance, lifting into it and fish on, wind I got in the fish drops off, whatever it was it took a chunk out of the squid but missed the two hooks. With the tide now reaching its peak I started to scale down baits and sent a two hook loop rig out in the hope of landing anything. Alas it wasn't to be as I didn't even get a bite, so with the tide dropping and bed calling I packed up and made the trudge back to the car. It was great to be out fishing again pity the catching wasn't better, roll on next time.

Re: North east cod hunt

Thu Oct 31, 2019 3:24 pm

At least you got out and gave it a bash! Gonna head out the north co.dublin rock marks and try myself soon!