Shannon estuary, 22nd October 2019

Wed Oct 23, 2019 9:36 am

Venue: Shannon estuary, Pier, co Limerick
Date/Time: 22nd October 6pm-8pm
Tides/Weather: Low water at 6:30pm, Cloudy, then just dark after 7pm. Mild
Result: codling, dab, "specimen" pollock

As my boat fishing last weekend was not great, I wanted to give a try from a pier.
This particular pier located on the Limerick side never been great but who knows.. fish always come and go...
So arrived at 6pm just before the low water. On this venue the crabs are everywhere, so I always use flapper rigs as the bait will
survive longer. Anything like pennel/pulley which are on the ground are wiped off within a few minutes.
I dug some worms on Sunday, so they survived until yesterday living in a box I put in a shed.
For some reason my wife hates a bait in the fridge and constantly throwing it out.. may be because of my maggots escaped at one day a few years ago...

So the first fish caught qualifies as the smallest I ever caught. This even beats the sand goby I got from a beach earlier this year.
God bless Daiwa reel, so this did not break while reeling in...
Here is my son's hand who is 4 years old.

After a few minutes while still bright I got a serious bite. Really aggressive and angry one, this was not heavy.. just aggressive
Until I saw the fish I was almost sure this would a strap conger.. But no, this was a codling on a lugworm.
First ever codling from this venue and first ever from the shore.

After 5-10 minutes or so some tiny bite, this was a small dab, this was great it was hooked on a lip, so this was released without serious damage.
The other rod with bigger hooks (2/0) with mackerel did not give any bites until the end. The whole mackerel went for that rod, the crabs were happy.

To keep my son entertained I put a small crab pot with guts, so we were catching and releasing peelers crab and got 2 dozens of prawns.
The prawns were small but will be used for wrasse fishing during the winter.
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Re: Shannon estuary, 22nd October 2019

Wed Oct 23, 2019 4:51 pm

Nice fishing

Re: Shannon estuary, 22nd October 2019

Fri Oct 25, 2019 5:22 pm

iv taken codling off a certain carrig island on incoming times last year at my first attempt ;)