Old Head Louisburgh 17.08.19

Mon Aug 19, 2019 10:31 am


Brought all the boys out nominally as a friend owanted to go spear fishing :twisted: but weather was brutal
40 kph winds from SW and very rough sea.
LW at 12 noon so we had to give up on a spot I thought would work for them (the deep hole near the sub cable east of the Bunowen river, which was in a real spate condition) Eventually retired to old head harbour. Lots of terns at work, coming tide, big swells looked good. No point in going around the corner owing to the wind.

They fuddled around in wet suits probably scaring everything with an ass' roar to death - I think the fish were safe! - and I took myself down to the point with a spinning rod. It looks incredibly bassy - if it was Waterford... Picked up a new 20 gram Toby off the rocks with fifty yards of line, so that was a nice bonus. No fish.

Rocked back to the pier whilst the boys shivered out of the wetsuits, set up the beachcaster and fired it out north baited with mack and squid.
The three boys took to pier jumping as the tide filled (didn't hurt there were 40 women in wetsuits to keep them company) and I landed a solitary dogfish.


It was wind against tide, could practically cast to Achill, but filthy showers mixed in... overall a very nice day out, will be bringing a lure rod back to some new places now I know there are roads down... And the Asian market shop in Castlebar stocks frozen squid, prawns, crabs and mackerel (€1 each).

No tackle shops left in Westport now. Sign o' the times.



Re: Old Head Louisburgh 17.08.19

Mon Aug 19, 2019 3:17 pm

good heads up on the bait in asian shop