around Derkmore Point, Sligo 5th August 2019

Mon Aug 05, 2019 7:28 pm

Calm, wind SE and pushing, sea flat as a pancake.

Myself and the eldest went off prospecting again in the eternal search for structure, current and food - the bermuda triangle of onshore sea fishing!

Decided on the NE corner of west Sligo, the intention being to ty for pollack holes at LW around 3 pm, hopefully pick up some bait (macks) and thereafter head off to Portavade and cast pasternosters for any flatties and cast out some mack fillets on the off chance of a Tope (hey, dreams are free!) :mrgreen:

Got to Derkmore and found a bizarre landscape, looks like the Burren in places. Massive kelp beds but no substantial depth and with the wind behind, I was emptying the reel (140 m) on the spinning rod. Eventually brought in a few small pollack, beautifully coloured from the kelp, but nothing substantial. Eoin missed a decent fish (a kilo) on a topwater, which was a good tactic owing to how low the water was... pollack are s**t at hitting top water lures. Lesson learned. twitch pause twitch pause twitch...

Didn't try for wrasse, they have been done for this year, beyond maybe a trip to Belmullet looking for the magical 7 lber. PB is a snick below...

Rain started to blow in as we trekked around. Startled a hare in the tall grass, which skittered out and ran along the rocks out to sea! Eventually made it to our first mark, the rath (circular fort remains) on the point, into which the sea has cut a deep narrow channel. Knew there was something wrong here immediately and even with the rain, from high up I coudl see lots of sea lettuce (the vibrant green slimy stuff). Usually not a good sign. Usually associated with shallow water.

It took us a while but we eventually figured it out. There is an upwelling in the cut. It's there in front of you, with kelp waving around in it. I looked at my watch and it was dead LW, looked out to sea, not as much as a ripple and yet there is was, this surging boil - quite widespread - on the sea. Then the penny dropped. FRESH water. it was a spring. Amazing to see, never seen anything like it in Ireland before... and sure enough, it was confirmed on the way home by a local geologist. Go there at LW.

Rain started to really come down. We trekked back to the car, having given up on checking out the rocks going South. To be honest the depth shown on Navionics is too far out - I always judge this by the depth where the lobstermen set their pots. And they were a good 100 metres offshore and that at LW. Too far out. Too many rocks.

Back at the car we looked at these ledges full of rock pools and thought it would be a good spot some evening on a flooding tide to try for a bass, or at least coalfish!

We changed into dry army clothes (tactical, excellent value on AliX and keeps you dry and warm in any kind fo weather) and debated hitting Portavade. Wind in SE would be blowing right up Ballysadare Bay. Rain got heavier. No fresh baits. Saw one tiny pocket of sprat shimmering on the surface, but not a mack to be had.

Agreed to drive to Aughris Head in the hope the rain would subside and we'd throw a few lures at the Pollack Hole, ideal conditions bar the lack of any waves, but the rain got even worse. Sat in the car, had lunch, waiting. Fecking Sligo, its even wetter than Mayo! Finally decided to head home, nice spot, some potential but not great.

Still, beats working or wall papering the spare room! :D

On the way home, passed a small beach called Templeboy? Small river at one end. Anyone ever fished it? Looked very promising... small pollack kelp beds and weird limestone

Re: around Derkmore Point, Sligo 5th August 2019

Thu Aug 08, 2019 6:28 pm

I fished this area, it's a tackle grave yard and best to fish at high tide. Floating plugs and sub surface lures works best there.