Wicklow and Dublin, 16th July 2019

Wed Jul 17, 2019 10:15 pm

People: Ollie, Sam and Myself.
Rigs: Pulleys, paternosters
Conditions: Warm, humid, sunny with light to moderate SE.
Bait: Rag and Mack.
Time/Date: 16 July 2019, 14.45-18.30.

I’m a very infrequent poster these days, mainly due to a lack of fishing over the last few years, but I’ve been keeping my hand in whenever I get a chance around holiday times and now is one such time. A quick look at the archived shore angling reports tells me that my last actual report was NOVEMBER 2015……where did that go?! Anyway, it was time well spent as I now have two more fishing buddies to bring with me when I do get out, my sons Ollie (5) and Sam (2), and as an added bonus going fishing now also qualifies as looking after the kids! Ollie has been out with me on a fair few (unreported) short session and has caught many flounder and turbot , a pup smoothy, a (pre-schoolie) bass, a tub gurnard and a shanny to date- so he’s well into it, and isn’t slow to start slagging when he outfishes me! Today was Sam’s first proper trip having tried him with a few local crab fishing sessions to see how he got on.
So with car packed with the gear, the all-important beach tent and enough food and snacks to keep bellies full we hit the road south to Wicklow. The chaps in the back were soon snoozing (timing is everything) and we got to our chosen spot in about 90 minutes. Got set up as quickly as possible in a quiet part of the beach, with 5-foot/8-foot spinning rods for the lads with single hooks and 20 gram leads, and then put up the shelter in case of a few showers. Hooks were coming back stripped from the off and with no real bites it seemed the crabs were in full flow. It did give Ollie plenty of chances to practice his casting though. After about an hour my rod got the faintest touch and in came a pup, much to Sam’s delight as I’d told him we were going ‘shark fishing’. Nothing to report after this (apart from a crab for Sam which is a counter when you’re 2) and a few missed bites for Ollie but a good day had by all and lots of casting practice.
Motored home, got the (hyper) lads to bed and was debating with myself if I should head to a local mark what with the car being packed and a bit of bait leftover. Nice summer’s evening and high tide at 12.30-why not? Time for some ‘big-boy’ fishing. Headed down to the mark and my favourite rock platform was free so got the rods rigged and baits in the water for about 10.45. Summertime night-fishing in the T-shirt and life was good. Things were quiet until about 11.45 when the approaching high water stimulated a bit of fishy activity. Had a few missed bites before finally hooking into a small hound which dropped off after about 10 seconds but it offered encouragement. Shortly after I did manage another pup so at least the blank as saved. Next cast produced a more positive bite and I again hooked into a small hound. Brought it in, grabbed the leader and it fell off before I could manoeuvre it up on the rocks. Looked to be in the 4 pound bracket. At least I got the scrap if not the photo. Fished on for about another half hour but with no more bites showing I let the fishing gods have the last few rag and made the short trip home contented with a very pleasant day on the shore. Hopefully my next report won’t be in 3 ½ years though!
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Re: Wicklow and Dublin, 16th July 2019

Wed Jul 17, 2019 11:06 pm

Nice report, great to see the nippers carrying on the sport :)

Re: Wicklow and Dublin, 16th July 2019

Thu Jul 18, 2019 11:41 pm

Brilliant stuff Robin. Your first wee man has already got quite a decent species count, impressive!
Great report

Re: Wicklow and Dublin, 16th July 2019

Fri Jul 19, 2019 9:59 am

Great post sweetwrasse, takes me back to when my two (girls) were that age and quite often the only way to get fishing was to take them with me, esp. in the boat where they could sleep in the cuddy when necessary. They loved coming out but once the dreaded hormones kicked in (theirs, not mine!), they switched to other interests and I became merely a source of funds and lifts, oh yeah, and embarrassment.

Re: Wicklow and Dublin, 16th July 2019

Fri Jul 19, 2019 12:18 pm

Great report sweetwrasse

Re: Wicklow and Dublin, 16th July 2019

Sat Jul 20, 2019 7:56 pm

Thanks lads...was good to be out!