Sole Saver - Wexford, July '19

Sat Jul 13, 2019 7:06 pm

Hey all, back here again, what's new :D Haven't been as active as I'd have liked to be this summer but I've got the odd session in here and there. I've been mostly moping around the local piers again in search of anything other than dogfish. no flats, no hounds only a spurdog or two. Nothing really to call home about so I didn't see a point in reporting blanks and doggie sessions. I'd still like to contribute more to this forum as it's been such a great help over the years and has taught me the majority of what I know aside from fishing videos. I don't put up much reports and photos so I thought I'd contribute a bit more.
Wexford Beach July 13th '19
Just home after a few hours out on a rather shallow beach in Wexford. Conditions were against me with a north easterly blowing lightly for most of the day which eventually turned around to a southerly. Upon arrival to the beach just before noon there were already holiday makers on the prowl so I set up to the far right of the beach by the rocks. The shallow beach had almost no surf, all flattened out by the wind. 2 rods were set up and fired out, a wessex rig and a pulley. I honestly didn't have high hopes and my assumptions were correct as I didn't have a bite register on either rods for an hour and a half, I had fresh out lug, mackerel and squid but nothing was doing. Upon reeling in the wessex rig I noticed a slight bit of action in the weak tables of the surf to find a tiny sole impaled on the 2/0 hook! I was surprised as I'd never heard of sole caught from this part of Wexford. It had taken (?) a lugworm although I have my doubts it was even attracted to it in the first place? Does this count as a blank saver? Go on, give it to me :lol:
After the sole was returned, yet again nothing was doing for the rest of the day. The beach started to get busier and the sun came out, which lead to people swimming precariously close to my rods and even a swimmer about 60 yards out with a bouy around his neck, totally oblivious to my lines! I had a rig closer in but he seemed to not be bothered. Some people! Obviously I know I don't own the beach, I was tucked away in the corner as I knew it'd get busy especially if the sun came out which it did. I finished up after 4 hours, just after high tide. Blank saved I suppose? Got a few pictures I might as well put up, along with a doggie from a week ago as we all love catching them :lol:
Good to get out!

turns out I'm not that good at scaling pictures!

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Re: Sole Saver - Wexford, July '19

Sun Jul 14, 2019 5:20 pm

Nice report! And I'd definitely count the sole.

Re: Sole Saver - Wexford, July '19

Wed Jul 31, 2019 5:38 pm

Very nice!!! Looks like you don't need to cross the estuary to catch Sole! Very interesting, I'm gonna try for one this weekend. Thanks for the report

Re: Sole Saver - Wexford, July '19

Thu Aug 01, 2019 11:40 am

Sweetwrasse wrote:Nice report! And I'd definitely count the sole.

Thanks sweetwrasse

Rod Tips wrote:Very nice!!! Looks like you don't need to cross the estuary to catch Sole! Very interesting, I'm gonna try for one this weekend. Thanks for the report

Thanks man, this was in Booley Bay.