Conamara Pier 29/12/18

Wed Jan 02, 2019 1:07 pm

with the year drawing to a close and the cabin fever kicking i managed to get out for only my second session of december
down to the pier with ian and he was into fish straight off with his excellent sandeels
he litterallly had double figures caught and i had only one poor cod on my razor, mac, mussel mix

the tide with 2 hrs from hw and it died much earlier than normal - i robbed some sandeels off ian
ian headed off and then on the top of the water - the fish started feeding again - very strange - i was intending to pack up but the codling, pollack flounder and whiting were feeding - ian had also had conger, pouting, coalie, rockling and a pink iredescant scorpoin fish - mental looking - 10 species for this time of year is impressive
and very unseasonably warm

happy new year all
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