Scraping in Donegal Bay, 30th Nov and 1st December.

Mon Dec 03, 2018 3:46 pm

The weather recently hasn’t been great but like a moth to a candle, I was drawn to the shore.
30th November. I was expecting fairly strong winds with some swell so elected to fish a spot which gives shelter from the worst wind and wave while usually throwing up a few fish. On reaching my spot, I could see a selection of green, blue, red and white lights strung out along the strand; not Christmas lights but a local angling club having a competition. With some time to kill before there was sufficient depth at my mark, I took a stroll along the beach to renew a few acquaintances and see what was happening; an odd flounder with a plague of mostly undersize coalfish. There must have been at least 15 anglers, all using fixed spool reels, no wonder they weren’t getting much; get yourselves multipliers and be proper anglers! “I’m off to try for a couple of dogfish” I said to one of the anglers who instantly expressed a desire for one or two himself. Setting up with fresh mackerel strip on 2 and 3 hook flappers I cast out and almost instantly, the rod tips started quivering as the small coalfish assaulted the baits. The wind was nowhere near as strong as I had expected so bite detection was easy. There seemed to be nothing else about apart from a single pin whiting hanging out with the coalies. This spot can produce decent whiting but usually further into the winter, still a bit early. Disappointed not to get a few doggies, I had had my fill of bait grabbing mini-coalies so after 3 hours I packed up.
1st December. Time for pastures new and a mark I had not fished before. It was a dull, damp day with hardly a breath of air, the sea was practically flat calm and would only get calmer as the day progressed. I think I will have to investigate a different source of weather information. The tide had been ebbing for about an hour when I set up so I wasn’t expecting much until about half tide down. As I was leaving the car a local man out walking struck up a conversation with me and suggested I might do better trying a small pier visible further along the bay shore. “What would you get there?” I asked optimistically. “I don’t know; I know nothing about fishing!” came the reply. I filed that little nugget away under “B” (for Bin). My two rods were set up and fished at near and far and baits returned unmolested for a couple of hours giving me ample time to try out a new fishing shelter. It was rock solid but a bit cumbersome to carry about. After 3 hours the only bite of the day went unnoticed so I was pleasantly surprised to reel in a 28cm flounder just when I had decided to move elsewhere. Now I had to decide whether to stay put in the hope the fish were coming on the feed or try a different spot where there would hopefully be more surf. Another hour with no bites saw me on the road to a different west facing beach where there was a nice surf for the last of the ebb. Casting in close produced nothing but a couple of lengthy casts (by my standards!) eventually resulted in a couple of doggies. Sadly, no flatties, not even a small coalie. Sometimes when I’m out fishing I can’t get no satisfaction and just to rub it in, When I’m driving in my car, a man comes on the radio and he’s telling me more and more about……. fishing and suggested that on average, anglers have one good trip in every four outings. I think I’m due a couple of good trips, maybe next time.
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Re: Scraping in Donegal Bay, 30th Nov and 1st December.

Mon Dec 03, 2018 6:42 pm

Excellent reading!

Re: Scraping in Donegal Bay, 30th Nov and 1st December.

Fri Dec 07, 2018 9:18 pm

johnwest wrote:I think I’m due a couple of good trips, maybe next time.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings