clew bay Halloween night

Thu Nov 01, 2018 1:23 pm

Been awhile since i put up a report , good pollack (60cm+) and Bullhuss (10lbs+) during the summer but poor beach fishing until last night.
Began my afternoon by digging lugworm in a sheltered spot to discover that it was TOTALLY destroyed recently by previous diggers. its not a very tidal spot and the push of water through the channels isnt too strong. sand was forked up onto the grass banks with trenches left all over the place! still managed plenty for my session. drove to another location and dug live sandeel and was rewarded with about 30.
Reached the beach at 5.30pm. lovely set of 3 waves and no wind. tide was incoming. traces were 3 hoook flappers.
Wasnt long before my first fish a turbot of 21cm. this followed by a 23cm flounder. went quiet for 25mins then the constantbites began. had Coalies, 38cm,36cm, 35cm and 28cm , 5 dogfish, another turbot at 23cm, afew more flounder one a specimen at 40cm which was very welcome. had 4 pin whiting and a 5 bearded rockling (21cm) finished at 9pm as the headlamp began to fade! must remember batterys the next time! wasnt too cold as a fog was present.

Re: clew bay Halloween night

Thu Nov 01, 2018 9:30 pm

nice session joe
hope to get out next weekend if this hurricane doesnt show!
will be seeking a silver fella ;0)
hope springs etc.

Re: clew bay Halloween night

Mon Nov 05, 2018 5:34 pm

Good to hear the catches, pity about the lug diggers, if that is where i think it is, its a very public place - bad news in the long run - did you have time to do a bit of back fill for the common good?