School night

Thu Oct 18, 2018 1:19 pm

Had planned a session for last Saturday but a family thing put an end to that, so I was itching to get out. So with a day off today I packed a few things and headed to a swilly pier for a few hours. It was a beautiful night with stars shining bright and it was dry so with anticipation I casted out and waited, spent a hour feeding crabs before the coalies showed up followed by a couple of doggies. Not much else to report but a few hours fishing was great, packed up early about 11.30pm as it was a school night so early rise next day. Hope it isn't a month before I wet another line.

Re: School night

Thu Oct 25, 2018 5:55 pm

Thought this was about schoolie bass :)

I was getting cabin fever last weekend. Had been stuck in all day. Weather wasn't great - NW breeze and tide half way out. Went to my local beach which has never produced for me outside of a single bass about 5 years ago and some wrasse along the rocks.

An half hour after starting I had 6 bass landed and returned. All 2-3 lbs but great fighters. I was getting hits the whole time once the lure hit the water. Lost the savage gear sandell that was doing the damage and rigged up a dolive sandell weightless and hooked another fish before dropping him at my feet.

Moral of the story? Random nights out can be best