Western rays

Mon Aug 06, 2018 9:00 pm

Bit late writing this..Fri 27july took the annual trip to clifden. Didn't leave dublin till 11.45 so after the guts of a four hour drive just threw the bags in the b&b and headed straight for the mark...tide was coming in and we had about 2 hours before high water. I baited a pully with fresh Mack and Damo baited his with sandeel..baits were only in five mins when first bite registered on the mack..trying to get him off the bottom was a bit of a struggle and made me think I was into a monster..but eventually in he came ..little thornie 4.5lb..this was followed by another the same weight on the mack again..damo didn't have to wait too long for his sandeel to work ..only half an hour there and we had three this time it was a bit bigger at 6.2lb..every time we cast out Mack or sandeel we got fish.. tried crab and black lug came back untouched..we fished till high water when it got a bit rough with big waves crashing off the rocks..we called it day finishing with twelve thornies in just over 2 hours. The biggest being 6.5lb...a few well earned scoops and a bit of diddly eye music that evening and we go again in the morning...fished from low water for 3 hours and not a tap..suppose you can't have it good every day..
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