Fri Sep 15, 2017 6:23 pm

Went down there for my first time this morning and was fishing at 05.30, Low tide was around 07.30 so said id give it a go.
I didn't have a clue of exactly where or how to get to Woodpoint as it was dark, so just stayed at the beach, setup and cast out my Rag, didn't have anything else to choose from either so, fished away, nothing, setup with 2 Frenchmen who had a 70cm Bass yesterday on a spinner, was approached by a woman who told me the place was going off with Bass lately, still not even a tug, tide went and started to flood and by christ did the wind pickup, direct to my face for the whole session.

The weed was brutal and I mean brutal. I was using a 7oz breakaway led, pulley penned rig and chucking it out nicely, to where it was being RIPPED across me, and down to nearly the waters edge, I spent most of my time taking the weed off, in-between a few casts of my first lure from Savage Gear, that swims very nice indeed, otherwise not a nibble.

Maybe someone might point me in the direction of where to try there as it seemed a lovely spot and i will come back but i suppose Woodpoint maybe worth a try. I only saw wood point once the sun came up, got a Massive birds nest ( my first ) too and that was on my second cast, I nearly cried, as it was Not coming out, so got the scissors and ripped the spool open :), and eventually ended up putting on a whole New spool of line on the beach, thanks You tube :)

Re: Courtmacsherry

Sat Sep 16, 2017 6:40 pm

Thanks for the pm M.

Much appreciated mate