East Coast Ray and Huss

Mon Sep 11, 2017 11:25 pm

For a change myself and Shane decided to fish our coast on Saturday and give the West a break. Arrived at the beach around 8pm and we met a nice sea with small breakers rolling in for a short while. Straight off the bat Shane was plagued with dogs every cast and myself picking up a couple also. Fishing slowed right down then and within an hour or so of the dogs off the feed, things got a bit manic with us being kept busy with some thornies. Both myself and Shane landing 3 each. All small, but a welcome sight nonetheless. After that the fishing started to slow up again with me hooking into a lovely Huss that put up some great sport. This would be the last fish of the session. Quick photo and back he went. Fishing sandeel and squid on pulleys, drop down pulleys and up and over rigs.




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Re: East Coast Ray and Huss

Mon Sep 11, 2017 11:54 pm

Fair play. Maybe I'm just to used to catching tiddlers but the huss looks huge. Any idea in terms of weight? Great photos.

Re: East Coast Ray and Huss

Tue Sep 12, 2017 1:33 pm

Nice fishing. Even better that it was on the east coast. Cheers for the report. Heard rumours of ray being caught in the area from others too. Good to hear.

Re: East Coast Ray and Huss

Wed Sep 13, 2017 9:07 am

love those bright coloured huss ye get on that side