Clewbay Monday 24/04/2017

Sun Apr 30, 2017 8:40 pm

I havnt got the time to put up this report until now busy with course work

On friday of that weekend, I spotted a post on a local tackle shops facebook account about Ragworm being in stock. My cousin and law spotted the post to, and he rang me asking would I bring him out after wrasse as he never had much success and wanted me to guide em. We booked 3 tubs and planned to head monday afternoon.

The forecast on the day was a wild one, with north westerlies being the prevailing winds. It was showery cold day with hail stones promised. The tide was high at 17:00

We arrived to the mark at 16:00 and the swells didnt look bad so we proceeded down on the rocks with caution. They were very very slippery and absolutely treacherous. We waited about 20 minutes, in which time I had 1 nice corkwing on the rag. We cleared off after 20 minutes, as it would have been naive and stupid to trek any further across this mark in these conditions. Wet Slopping rock with heavy algae growth. Need I say anymore!!

I chose to then fish a sheltered spot on the way home that I have sea scorpions, and 3 types of wrasse from in the past right at my feet. We fished the tide down to low at the mark and had 16 wrasse and a coalie and 3 small polliack. The main species mainly Small Ballans the biggest around 1.5lb and corkwing wrasse also made up a good proportion of the haul.

This was my first time sea fishing since early January so a nice little warm up back into things.

Cant wait for the good weather to come this summer, I am going to be attempting to beat my 6.9lb ballan from last year :P)



Re: Clewbay Monday 24/04/2017

Sun Apr 30, 2017 9:09 pm

Heres a few of pictures of the fishing ive been doing the past 6 months.. For anyone that finds fishing difficult in the winter, pike are a worthy option to target and tremendous sport., pure magic if you target them on some of the more quiet over grown venues. Amount of wildlife you see on the early mornings out pure magic. The excitement of the float going under and the reels and alarms screams reeling. Pure amazing. I never thought Id like pike fishing, but man o man what sport. I will admit I'm a bit bored now after focusing on them for so many months. Its great to be on the sea again :D Biggest one went 23lb on the nose.

*Moderators, I know this is not sea fishing. I will take it down, if its not allowed