Fenit Viaduct 15th April 2017

Tue Apr 18, 2017 9:25 am

Got down to Kerry, and headed into Landers after earning my brownie points in the Aquadome :roll:

Bought mackerel and squid - anyone use their vacuum packed peelers?

Sought out marks 26 & 27 per Colm and fished there, whereas most of the others were gathered closer to (but not near) the rocks on Fenit Island.


Headed off to Fenit pier to fish the coming tide from around 5 pm to 8 pm, from halfway to almost all the way up. Quite a few people there.
Noticed some serious anglers with stands and long rods right down in the corner past the RNLI (White Audi anyone?) in a spot that was out of the wind.
Wind was almost due west and fresh and a bit on the cold side. No rain but cloudy with the occasional dazzling sun.

Ended up fishing three rods, at varying distances, on small rolling leads, "east" off the bridge with the flowing tide.
Generally did squid and mack combos, occasionally tried one over the other on their own.

Small lad next to us landed a half decent fish on small sabiki like feathers from under the bridge and proceeded to outfish his dad (they learn young) for the rest of the evening, landing a succession of small fish. Near the end I wandered up to see what they were - turns out they were small herring. Colm in Landers had said they were about and that someone had landed two undulates but that was from behind the Tankard and at low water. No waders with me and tides were not giving me an option.

Things started slow and decelerated! Cutting a long cold session short, we got lots of small energetic nibbles but nothing decent.
One dogfish to show for the evening to my eldest lad's rod.


It was on the way home I remembered someone telling me that if there's lot of traffic on the road bridge (like there was on a Bank Holiday Saturday duh!) the vibrations feed down the piles and stop fish moving through...

One moment of excitement was on the way home, in Clarinbridge of all places, where we spotted a mature sea-eagle being mobbed by crows as it few seaward.

Would have tried Bannow Harbour, but did not get a chance... heading out on Sunday nearer home, weather looks good, glass half full and all that! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Re: Fenit Viaduct 15th April 2017

Tue Apr 18, 2017 6:26 pm

Nice report pity about the fishing.