World Shore Championships

Mon Nov 14, 2016 9:14 am

Up to date results here. Click on the day or date to seen the results.

Re: World Shore Championships

Mon Nov 14, 2016 1:51 pm

well worth a visit if you are in the area, people wont talk to you during the competition, and you should not approach them except in public areas, but most of the anglers will talk to you afterwards, especially if you explain that you are not aligned to any team...

Re: World Shore Championships

Thu Nov 17, 2016 8:40 pm

If I'm reading the final results correctly it's well done Ireland.
The fish-off system has started to pay off.

Men's Team: ... inal-4.pdf
Men's Individual: ... inal-4.pdf
Ladies Team: ... inal-4.pdf
Ladies Individual: ... inal-4.pdf

Re: World Shore Championships

Fri Nov 18, 2016 4:56 pm

Fantastic results and nothing decided till the last day.