wicklow / laytown

Mon Oct 31, 2016 1:52 am

My two lads were at me for weeks to bring them fishing soi finally relented on Friday.we hit swords angling centre for some rag to go with the frozen Mack and sandeel.Fair play to RuaraĆ­ sorted us out with 2 boxes of excellent quality worms.we headed for wicklow pier for about 7 o clock ..all was quiet for about an hour or so then the eldest fella reeled in the first of the whiting quiet for another hour or so and then it was double whiting every cast most of them taking the Mack ..finished up with twenty odd whiting some of which were alot bigger than the usual pins ..packed up at 11 bells and headed for home...with a full box of rag leftover decided to fish closer to home the following night so headed down to laytown for 9 o clock ..first fish here was also a whiting but smaller than his wicklow cousins ..then it was flounder for each of us ..then the youngest lad got a good rattle and reeled in a little schoolie of 13 inches .. back to the flounder then in singles and doubles finishing the night with 1 whiting 13 flounder 1 schoolie and advice from an 11 year old ..stay closer to home and what you save on diesel you can spend on sweets :D

Re: wicklow / laytown

Tue Nov 01, 2016 5:25 pm

Fair play to ye nice to hear there's still a few bass in laytown