Belmullet Beach, 13/09/2016

Tue Sep 13, 2016 10:25 pm

Had the Opportunity to fish Belmullet today, so gladly snapped it up.

I Chose to fish one of the stretches of beach on the Atlantic side from low tide up to high.. The last time I fished this same beach there was kelp rods being pulled through the waves by the riptide it was impossible. Luckily today the weed was at minimum, but still present. It didn't cause me any issues though.

Not long after landing on the beach, I discovered a very deep gully/gutter dug out by the rip tide on the beach. This accompanied by the nice suds present, gave me a feeling that it was going to be a good session. I blasted out a 3 hook flapper, baited with lug and mackerel strip and a 3oz pyramid lead about 20-30 yards out into the gully.. To my delight it was loaded with a nice orange spotted 30cm Flounder and 19cm turbot when I reeled it in. Next I fired out a flapper rig, baited with white rag, lug and mackerel. This caught the attention of two undersized turbot. Over the next few casts I caught several more turbot to 19cm. A local man walking the beach, came over to talk to me and pointed to a small stream about 200 yards down the beach, where he said a local angler he knows favors for sea trout/flounder.



I moved down the beach to check out this stream mark, and gave it 45 min. All I got was a single turbot of 15cm. Very shallow compared to where I started. No deep gullys just flat featureless sand.
40-50 yards into the surf, with a 3 hook cascade rig size 1/0 hooks loaded with just belly strip mackerel. In the hope of a bigger turbot or ray. It wasn't in the water two minutes, when I seen the rod tip going mental and the rod lifted off the ground, tripod nearly keeled over. I struck in the fish, and headed out into the surf to play it. After a nice little scrap, I finally got sight of the fish, a lovely Sea Trout of 38cm. The next cast produced a nice sea trout of 33cm also. Over the following hour I had at least another 10 more juvenile turbot. On my final cast, I caught another 30cm flounder.


This was one of my better sessions this summer and certainly my best beach session.. Another note and to no surprise, mackerel belly strip was king bait of the day with only 2-3 fishing falling to lug and white rag... A fish bait venue.

Amazing to see so many juvenile turbot in Belmullet. If they were given a chance and inshore commercial trawling was no existent and these juveniles would flourish to nice specimens.

Pics tonight hopefully
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Re: Bellmullet Beach, 13/09/2016

Tue Sep 13, 2016 11:31 pm

nice fishing well done

Re: Bellmullet Beach, 13/09/2016

Wed Sep 14, 2016 11:13 am

nice well done. mackerel is king out there

Re: Belmullet Beach, 13/09/2016

Wed Sep 14, 2016 7:57 pm

Mighty fishing, well done.