Wicklow hounds

Tue Sep 06, 2016 11:51 am

Headed back to Wicklow 2 weeks ago after more hounds with my m8 Georgie as he was after his first hound, I arrived on the wednesday evening and got caravan set up then headed down to beach, I had a few pup hounds and then about 2330 had a bigger hound. On the thursday which was a great day with blue skies and sunshine we headed to Dodds rocks beach and I setup one rod with crab on a pulley with 80lb mainline and snood, Georgie setup 2 rods about 30 feet to the right of me, pulley and 3 hook flapper, he had small tub on the flapper then it all went quiet.

I walked down to speak to him and fir first time all day I didnt set Drag, I looked around at my rod and it was nearly bent in two and almost heafing for the water, so I ran and hooked into the biggest fish I have ever felt, next the rod was nearly pulled from my hands, I lifted again and slack line no weight, I was bitten off, the adrenaline was flowing like never before, we gave it another few hours but not a single bite.

We packed up and headed back to caravan site and fished the beach there again, I had alot of pup hounds and Georgie blanked.

The friday we were supposed to go out with Wicklow Charters however it was a rough day with force 6 winds so it was cancelled, we headed to Wicklow pier and gave it a go, wasnt great,few Doggies just. Then the placed got packed with mackie bashers so that was the end of that.

We headed to Ennereilly and the surf was rolling in, we thought might get a Bass but the wind was still really strong and blowing sand into our direction so we called it there after about 20 mins and headed back to Caravan.

Saturday was our last day fishing so we headed to Arklow and fished the beach from 1300 to 0200am, Georgie had 2 rods agaun where as I stuck with one baited with crab, Georgie finally got his first hound houndsfternoon, on the flapper baited with mackeral it was the tiniest wee pup but he was delighted. I got into a few bigger pup hounds. Alot more anglers arrived and they hammered away at Doggies, Georgie had a doggie fest also but my tactics paid off sticking with one rod as I was the only one landing hounds.

The big hounds I was getting didnt show but was a great few days all the same.

Re: Wicklow hounds

Sun Sep 11, 2016 6:00 am

Great report
Just wondering what caravan site you use.

Re: Wicklow hounds

Tue Sep 20, 2016 9:49 am

Its Gleesons caravan Park at Clogga strand.