Ballinacourty Pier, Dungarvan

Sun Aug 21, 2016 12:12 am

It started when we booked a week long family holiday at the Gold Coast Resort.
Holiday by the sea means rods in the car.

Research in the days before our holiday made the prospect of catching fish on our doorstep look grim.

None the less on day 2 of our holiday we picked up some frozen bait in Dungarvan. Sand eel and mackerel.

We had 3 fishing sessions. All timed to catch the last 2-3hrs of the flood.

Session 1: Beach caster behind the pier. Reault: Weed lots of weed.

Session 2: up onto the pier we went. Cast out. Weed.... It was thick on the ground. Rather than give in we set up 2 light rods with bubble floats size 6 hooks with sand eel tipped with mackerel and tiny strips of mackerel.

Result: maybe 2 dozen of these small pollock.


The little fella was chuffed. We were catching.

The most interesting thing was not these little fish but the activity around us. We could see Bass breaching the surface all around us. 6/7 sightings. We were excited. But the tide was turning so we called it a day.

Session 3
We set up again same as previous day floats on light rods. Big bite in seconds. It was a mackerel. My 5 yr old was chuffed.

We kept going. Some family joined us. Again lots of little pollock taken.

Next thing I know, my 5yr old is calling me. Dad! My float is gone missing. It's very hard to reel.

First thought "weed" again

No chance. This weed started to take line.

We could see the silver under the water as we brought it closer.


The excitement, a real fish. A happy dad and a very happy hooked for life son.


Re: Ballinacourty Pier, Dungarvan

Sun Aug 21, 2016 12:23 am

Awesome report man. Your son will have a life long addiction now after that bass :)

Fished that pier as a kid on holidays ab age ago. Horrendous amount of algae and weed. I must visit the area again though.

Re: Ballinacourty Pier, Dungarvan

Sun Aug 21, 2016 10:22 pm

Fair play on the bass was out on the boat that day seen you fishing the pier