Something different

Tue Aug 02, 2016 3:27 pm

Headed over to Holland last week to drop my kids of for their annual dose of Dutch culture. Not having fished a beach in Holland for the last 15 or more years I thought it would be a great idea to spent the Saturday with the kids. On Friday evening I collected some bait and of course couldn't resist buying a new rod ... hey I was in the shop anyway and didn't have a rod there. I did however brought reels and tackle over in my lugage... you never know. On Saturday morning we headed out to Maasvlakte II outside of Rotterdam, a totally new beach reclaimed from the sea 22km's long and truly a man made marvel that caters for absolutely anyone ... from nudist to model airplane guys, everyone has his own stretch of beach so without saying there is also a stretch of beach reserved just for fishing. Wonder now what it's like to catch nudist. Anyway we arrived three hours before high tide armed with my new Grauvell and two carp rods for the kids (the budget didn't stretch getting them new rod too) picked a spot on the beach in between two sandbanks. Not knowing what the day would bring on a beach one doesn't know and especially as new as this one our lines hit the water. About 15 minutes later one of the carp rods bounces out of the rod rest and my son caught his first Dutch Bass. The next two hours were frantic and we were all pulling in Bass and a few flounder. An hour before high tide Mr. Seal turned up right in front of us ... needless to say the fish packed their bags and left. An hour after high tide Mr. Seal got bored and was just as hungry as before so he finally decided to move elsewhere. Luckily a ball, shovel and a bucket go a long way entertaining the kids when absolutely nothing is happening. Luckily the fish returned in hour last hour and we got 6 more Bass totalling 13 Bass and 2 Flounder ... not bad for a few hours on the beach. The weather was absolutely fantastic with a North Westerly breeze, Rigs: clip down and 3hk flappers (clip downs not really needed as all the fish were caught between 20 and 50 mtr out) Bait: Lug and rag.

Anyway a fabulous day with some nice and unexpected fishing, definitely will try this again next visit and hopefully the bass have grown a bit more too by that time as they were all around the 32 to 38cm.

Re: Something different

Tue Aug 02, 2016 6:41 pm

Great fishing well done to ye.

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