Passage East 30/7/16

Sat Jul 30, 2016 4:55 pm

Who: Mise
Weather: Overcast then sunny, boiling
Wind: None, weak breeze from the north maybe
Duration: 4 hours
Traces: Pulley pennel 3/0, 1 hook flapper size 1
Bait: Fresh peeler, rag
Result: 1 flounder of 27cm and a doggie of 57cm
I headed down to Passage for a session today with hounds on my mind. A few have been caught around the estuary so I thought why not?
A few lads beside me were getting dogs as I arrived, then gave me a few rag which is a good bait for this mark, greatly appreciated. Nothing doing for half an hour until I check my bait to find a flounder on the 3/0 pulley pennel baited with crab, savage! A couple of casts later I check my bait to feel a dead weight which produced a doggie, my first. Nothing happened for the rest of the session but the lads beside me landed a hound of 6lb, on mackerel and rag, which was a big middle finger to my freshly bought crab I had got just for the hounds :oops:
Passage isn't a hound mark really but it's down the road from me so it's handy enough.
I'll be back there tomorrow, I ain't giving up yet!