Wrasse bashing on the Beara!

Mon Jul 11, 2016 8:11 pm

After a few to many blanks around Cork decided to head down to the Beara peninsula for a bit of Ray fishing. Weather looked nice and dull and after giving Paul Harris a buzz was hopefully of a good day.
But typical Irish weather was having other plan's. Soon as I got there there wasn't a cloud in the sky and not a ripple on the water. I called into Paul and after a bit of a discussion decided to change tack completely and go for a few wrasse instead.
Big thanks to Paul who let me borrow a spinning rod and sorted me out with a few crab (only took sandeels and some Mack's with me thinking I was ray fishing).
We headed out to Paul's recommended spots and bodged together a few ledger rigs with the gear I had and headed down the rocks.
We were into the fish almost straight away but lost the first 3, they give a hell of a fight down this way.
Managed to get the next one in the net and was well happy with the ballon weighing in at 3.7lb...good start

Followed that with a few smaller ones.


My buddy that came for the spin ( never fished in his life) was next in with a beautifully coloured cuckoo. Camera really dosnt do the colours justice!!

After another bunch of 2 and 3 pound balloons I finished off with a nice fish of 4.4lbs. Gave a really good scrap and dived liked a sub twice before I got it in the net!

All in all a great session seeing as we only had 6 crab.

Big thanks to Paul Harris who as always noting but helpful.
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Re: Wrasse bashing on the Beara!

Wed Jul 13, 2016 2:50 pm

That's a good return for just half a dozen crabs!

Re: Wrasse bashing on the Beara!

Fri Jul 15, 2016 12:11 pm

super wrasse fishing. stunning looking spot
great pics 8)