Sun Jul 03, 2016 8:06 pm

Had a few hours to kill so I headed over to Rossanrubble this morning. Conditions were quite good. A bit of wind coming in from the south west but it wasn't too strong. Low tide was sometime before noon with a 4.5mtr high at 17.30 this afternoon. The water was a bit dirty after the last few days and there was a bit of weed moving about. I had wanted to fish it for a while but had never gotten around to it. There was one other car at the gate when I arrived and the farmer had spread slurry across the field in the last day or so, so there was a grand smell coming over towards the car as soon as opened the door... When I got down to the waters edge, the guy ahead of me had just tackled up. I moved further down to the point maybe about 200mtrs inland of the old slipway. Fishing two rods with frozen mackerel and sandeel, it wasn't long before I had the first bite. I had chucked off to the left, not too far out but still the current and wind was catching the line. A 4oz grip lead on a pulley rig with a 2/0 was the end gear. Anyway first take resulted in a small ray of about 4lbs or so... Crabs were doing a fine job of stripping the hooks so reeling in every 15mins or so to rebait seemed the order of the day. We didn't stay too long, just a few hours. The tide started making quite early so I finished up just after my neighbouring angler had tidied up his gear. Final tally was 2 ray for me and one for the chap beside me.... My second one being a bit smaller than the first. Thankfully there were no dogfish around, although maybe later on I'll go back in the evening for a huss or two. If the wind had dropped off a bit the day would have been very nice indeed...
I must say if fishing was about catching lots of fish every time we go out, then it wouldn't be a great sport to take up. We had a great chat together and I learnt lots about the weigh in procedure for competition sea angling, which I had wanted to find out for a while now. Many thanks to Fiachre McKenna for the friendly chat and for supplying me with a nicely tied flounder rig, some mackerel fillet, sandeels, a few maddies, and a nicely painted lead. I continued on to try out a new spot on the far side of Newport for an hour. But no good today... maybe on another day though. I must say that Fiachre was a true gent. I hope we'll bump into each other again some time. When learning, it helps to meet someone who knows what they're doing. Although I'm fishing for years, i'm still very much a novice in so many ways. So much to learn yet....

Re: Rossanrubble

Mon Jul 04, 2016 10:35 am

I can safely say Fiacra is one of the soundest chaps i have met in all my years angling - its over 10 years since we first clocked heads
always showing you new things, leads rigs bait etc.
He knows his stuff, made an Irish team, won his zone in the jimmy smith just passed
always there or there abouts in the west coast shore league - his brother padraic is a gent also

good to hear the ray are knocking round - the weed wasnt that stringy stuff you have to peel off everytime?
any joy with the huss after?

Re: Rossanrubble

Mon Jul 04, 2016 10:59 am

yep...long and stringy but not a major problem at all...

I didn't go back in the evening time.... but I'm sure, there would be fish there to catch.

Re: Rossanrubble

Mon Jul 04, 2016 7:20 pm

Lovely chap fiarcra alright, a gent.

Nice to see a few fish coming from rossanrubble blanked there about 4 weeks ago.

Did you go back for the huss?

Re: Rossanrubble

Mon Jul 18, 2016 4:02 pm

went looking for huss in clew bay there Saturday - none showed in 7 hours of fishing
had 3 ray and 2 dogs
are ye finding much huss up there at this stage?