Wexford 24th June 2016

Sat Jun 25, 2016 11:51 pm

After my mate steves wedding (aka as stevecrow on here) I had a few extra days off work, so I went fishing. The problem was I haven't been fishing since December last year, yes all the gear worked as I do be a bit ocd about it, so where do I go. After hearing about a few hounds being caught I contacted my tackle shop but failed to get crab :( but thankfully Roger de dodger sent me to Vikings tackle in bray, thanks mate. Couldn't get away on Thursday, family stuff but had the car packed at midnight, set the alarm for 5am but was up fed and full of coffee, on the road before that. Got to Viking tackle early got a stack of crab (lucky me he had 100 packs delivered Thursday) and headed towards my mark, the access has changed so had to carry gear a long long way to the chosen spot. Spent the dropping tide spinning for bass along the shoreline, rock headland but couldnt travel too far from base camp so with roaming limited I went back for lunch. Listening to the waves on the shore, birds sing on a pleasant day while enjoying a nice coffee and a pot noddle is as close to heaven as a man can be. Got the beach casters set up for the flooding tide, cast close and far but for long enough crabs and shrimps cleaned the hooks. Managed a wee plaice at distance on frozen blacks, then back to cleaned hooks, wasn't long before a lsd found my peeler and helped itself. Not much happened for a few hours until the distance rod went tap tap pull down and sprung back, a ray me thinks but when I lifted the rod to set the hook the reel screamed and I knew a hound was one. After a great scrap with the fish taken some line I beached a starry hound, I could tell by looking it was my bestest hound ever, unhooked, in sling and weighed in at 6.5lbs, quick photo and she swam off. Meanwhile I stood grinning like a chessire cat for a while before I remembered to rebait and cast out again. It went quiet and the crabs came back on the feed but as the light dropped they disappeared so fresh bait. Missed a bite but next cast I landed a 4lb hound, followed by as mutt pup. The surprise of the night was the 30cm codling, before another 4lb starry hound, lsd, lsd, a smaller 2lb smutt then finally a lsd. The tide had peaked and I fished on for a while but I was just feeding crabs and shrimps, so packed up had a coffee and made my way to the car. Had a sleep, another coffee or three then hit the long road home. Great start to my fishing year, new pb worth the trip, hope to be back fishing soon, maybe not as far.

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Sat Jun 25, 2016 11:53 pm

Can't get photos posted, there on Facebook but have yet to put them on pc

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Sun Jun 26, 2016 5:52 pm

nice fish well done

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Tue Jul 12, 2016 4:06 pm

MC wrote:After my mate steves wedding (aka as stevecrow on here)

Bloody hell ... that's not far of a miracle. Congrats Steve.