Sunny Sligo Slog; 2nd/3rd June 2016

Mon Jun 06, 2016 1:47 pm

Thursday 2nd June. The good weather had brought out the fair weather folk and the exact rock on which I wanted to stand was already occupied so I set up elsewhere, which as I feared, was even snaggier than my intended spot. I had brought a few lead lifts with this spot in mind but unfortunately they wouldn’t fit on the longtail lead; the longtail wasn’t long enough. I make my own leads so there’s another item for the “To do” list. With the rods set up and cast out, I tried to find a rock which wasn’t too hot to sit on; if I had eggs I could have had fried eggs and bacon if I had bacon. The next half hour gave no bites but gave plenty of time to tidy up most of the mess (I draw a line at smashed beer bottles) left by the previous visitor(s). On retrieve, the flapper came in ok, the advantage of a very long rod, but the single hook snagged, came free and then snagged permanently. On with a new leader and rig and out to the depths again and while waiting for a bite, a spearfisher trailing a mini raft decides to work his way through the swims of the angler on the other mark and then mine. I guess the Atlantic just isn’t big enough at times. My wish for a backfire with the speargun wasn’t granted, nor was my wish for a bite and after losing another leader and rig to snags, I decided to head to a beach mark for the last of the ebb. There was a slight onshore breeze which generated a bit of gentle wave action in an otherwise flat sea and after about an hour, a little tap-tap heralded the interest of a 23cm flounder, the blank saver. Moments later a good rattle on the other rod at distance marked a more lively fish which unfortunately shed the hook right at the water’s edge, I think it was a small seatrout. That was it for the night.
Friday 3rd June. Faced with another scorcher and flat sea, I was wondering where to try. I stopped off to buy some frozen mackerel and was advised to try a spot which I had never fished before. Like so many tips, it was under my nose on many occasions but it had never occurred to me to try it. I set up on this rock mark fishing onto sand and shallow water and to be honest I wasn’t overly optimistic with the bright sunshine and flat calm sea. But after about an hour, in came a nice 31cm dab and I’m sure I saw a few flashes of silver, probably mackerel, snapping at the other 2 baits as I reeled it in. This dab seems to have had a close encounter of the net kind judging by the fin damage and nick in its back. Two hours later a second dab (27cm) showed up followed by a small pollack a while later. That was the last of the action but given the conditions I was happy enough with the returns, the flatfish weren’t the flat fish I was hoping for but I’ll definitely give that spot a go again.
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Re: Sunny Sligo Slog; 2nd/3rd June 2016

Mon Jun 06, 2016 3:20 pm

I was on Erne on Saturday Paddy, didnt see you about, you will be glad you didnt bother. a good few spent in the trees and on the water (eventually), but nothing up on them. we got sweltered for our troubles.
Next plan could well be to head to Donegal Bay for a session.. :)

sometimes its tough fishing in serious heat like that, sometimes its an idea to concede and stay at home with a barbq! and a cold beer..
Fair play to you on cleaning up that sh1te left by those hallions.

Re: Sunny Sligo Slog; 2nd/3rd June 2016

Mon Jun 06, 2016 6:31 pm

Can stand folk who leave all their crap about, I bet they killed everything they caught to :(