Little Killary, April 24th 2016

Mon Apr 25, 2016 9:13 am

We'd picked out a different mark but the landowner was a curmudgeonly creature who refused access and it wasn't worth the argument, so we drove on to Killary.

We fished it from an hour into the flood to an hour before high water (3.9 metre tide, HW @ 7:30 pm).
Strong WNW breeze gusting force 4 +
Occasional light showers which we managed to avoid
Very little of a swell, sunny for the most part

Myself, Sean and my two lads decided to try for it and put baits out (mackerel, black lug, sandeel) at ranges from under our feet to 80 metres or more....
Suffice to say I got one good knock which I missed and one which I didn't that saw the sole doggie of the day brought in... and that was it.

It was so bad we left early only to find Danny and Co landed at Scuba Dive West in intermittent rain with the intention of fishing into the rising gale on Glassilaun. Mad!

We tried the Old Head harbour on the way home, fishing it top of the tide in almost perfectly calm conditions and although there were a few gannets well out in front, we saw nothing... beyond a fat seal which popped up and persuaded us it was time to head for the chippie!

On the plus side (there was one!) ste c's Affinity LC got its maiden voyage and beyond the shockleader unspooling into a birds nest at the end of the session, it did all that was asked of it. Nice bit of gear, twinned it with the triplex and its hurtling a 5 oz a long way now even with my back.

Going to head to Clifden to get a casting lesson off the Lori Griffiths, which should put me in range of rays off all the beaches this summer.

PS: Spurdogs were caught off a boat in Clew Bay for the first time in a generation, so there is some good news out there...

Re: Little Killary, April 24th 2016

Wed Apr 27, 2016 7:05 pm

Another tough day Kieran, disappointing not to be able to try your new mark because of some modern Capt. Boycott. "It was so bad we left early"Pity to hear that spoken about Little Killary.