Mon Mar 01, 2004 8:05 pm

Ballscadden High Rocks, Howth, Sunday 29th February, 12 - 5pm Bait: Ragworm, Lugworm(Frozen Blacks + Yellowtails), Mackerel, Mussell, Sandeel

Decided to head back to Ballscadden after a dissapointing days fishing at Lion's Head two weeks back. Fished for five hours with a great vareity of bait and ended up catching three pin whiting with my friend blanking! My problem was the only bait the fish seemed to be taking was a mussell/mackerel cocktail and I ran out of mussell an hour in. Tiny pieces of Mackerel was the only other bait that worked and the problem with this is that the starfish were especially prone to them and I ended up catching about seven or eight of them. A good few fish were lost dragging them up the cliff which is a consistent problem