Lion's Head, Howth, Report

Sun Feb 15, 2004 9:36 pm

Lion's Head, Howth, 15th February 2004, 11.00am - 5.00pm
Bait: Mackeral, Mussel, Ragworm

Myself and two others decided to fish Lion's Head today to see if there were any fish left or if they had all left to spawn! It was a lovely day for fishing and after making a scary absail down the cliff on a dodgy rope we set up our rods. I decided to bottom fish while the other two mainly float fished. I ended up not getting a single bite all day and all three of us blanked. Not even one solitary pin whiting which must be a first for me in Howth!!!

The mark isn't as snaggy as I thought it would be and I only ended up losing one or two hooks. I must give this mark a shot in the summer as it looks like a great spot for pollock and wrasse and also a place to escape the crowds at ballscadden for some mackeral fishing.