Fenit pier

Mon Jan 26, 2004 10:36 pm

Fenit Pier, Co Kerry Jan 2004 calm, high tide

Fished from the pier last thursday evening & saturday afternoon.Plenty of whiting to be had after dusk (1/2 lb+).caught 33 in 3 hours.Day fishing in calm conditions is throwing up lots of bass to mackeral strips and frozen sandeel.Seems best 2 hours either side of high tide.Very rough conditions last saturday(snow,sleet.hail & rain!!!)still managed a 2lb bass & small dogfish.At least you can hide in the car when the heavy weather rolls in.

Fenit-Sunday 1 Feb 10am-4pm

Mon Feb 02, 2004 9:54 am

Fenit-Sunday 1 Feb 10am-4pm. High tide at 1pm gale

Well, I finally got to fish fenit. In a howling force 9 gale and torrential rain, hail and sunshine. Fished with squid and sandeel. The wind was so strong we were forced to shelter in a corner behind the marina. Water was very coloured. We had plenty of bites, missed quite a few fish as bite detection was nigh on impossible in the wind. We ended up landing 10 doggis, including 4 very big ones that had us scrutinising them extra closely.These fish look very different from the shannon estuary fish, they are much lighter and have vertical bars rather than spots. Two were so big, we thought they might be huss, until closer examination. Also landed a 7lb strap conger on squid.
Very enjoyable day after blanking in Dingle last week for the first time ever!!!

Fenit-Sunday 8 Feb 10am-3pm. Lowtide at 1pm Bright sunshine

Mon Feb 09, 2004 9:56 am

Fenit-Sunday 8 Feb 10am-3pm. Lowtide at 1pm Bright sunshine

Well, I rounded up Dave B from limerick and made the 200 mile round trip to Fenit. Realising that we were fishing over low water, we decided to fish from the rocks into deep water from the end by the light.

A beautiful bright sunny day with no wind at all murdered any chance of good fishing, but even the expected doggies avoided us . We arrived with 8 kilos of mackerel and a box of squid and caught a single doggie. But its hard to be disheartened when the weather is so good.

However, just to stick it to me, on arriving back at the car, I had a puncture.

And on leaving the pier, a lot of fisherman had arrived and were fishing the viaduct, and there seemed to be plenty of fish coming over the wall, mostly whiting.
Ah well, such is fishing