BlackHead, Co. Clare 17th of June 2005

Mon Aug 15, 2005 11:40 am

17th of June 2005

Location: BlackHead, Co. Clare

No of People: 3

Duration: 11.30 to 16.00

Tide: High water 14.00

Weather: Overcast / Dry / Mild

Bait: Mackerel, Sandeels, Hokkais, Jelyworms, lures

Rigs: two hook flappers, clipped down pennell, deep spun sandeels

Results: 1. 1. Dogfish on Mackerel bait one up one down flapper flood tide.

2. Dogfish on Mackerel Bait two hook flapper flood tide.

3. Three Bearded Rockling Mackerel Bait two hook flapper flood tide.

4. Dogfish Mackerel Bait Clipped down Pennell flood tide.

5. Smooth Hound Two hook flapper mackerel Bait high tide.

6. Dogfish two hook flapper mackerel bait, going tide.

7. Good Pollock Clipped down two hook pennell Mackerel bait going tide.

8. One lost Mackerel deep spun frozen sandeel ebb tide.

Report: A fabulous mark that produced a great days sport. Very comfortable fishing. The ground is very mixed and in some areas it is easy to loose large amounts of tackle. We fished peg 42 to 49 with 49 throwing up most of the fish but also accounting for the most lost tackle. Spinning tactics were a loss on this day but I am assured will work here most of the time.