Beaches Youghal

Tue Jan 13, 2004 9:12 am

I plan to fish in the youghal area soon and could anyone give me information on the following beaches Montranna , Garryvoe, Red Barn . Thank you

Wed Jan 14, 2004 10:31 pm

See if you can get in contact with DrSeaFish on this forum - he is an excellent angler and lives in the area - amazing store of knowledge.

A bit late

Thu Feb 05, 2004 2:09 pm

Sorry I did not see this earlier, but maybe better late than ever. My email address associated with this site is kabut so I will try to give a run down of where I think might be a good place to fish around Youghal at this time of year.

In direct responce to the venues listed.
Monatrea: Fishes very well for flounder, but you can get lucky with the odd Bass. At night on larger tides you can get Coddling, Coalies and whiting. At present there are some nice coalies (+45 cm) and whiting (+30cm) around, but you will have to deal with lots of small whiting. There are three decent spots at Monatrea: First, is right in the corner facing back towards the harbour entrance, fish come in here at full tide to pick up scraps brought in by the tide, the second is by the mussel bed which has obvious bait holding potential and lastly is dead mans pole. A shallow area exists on front of the pole (the only pole on ferry pt) which is a great spot for flounder, once had three at a time. Everyone will tell you crab is best and normally is, but at this time of year you will catch on cocktails of squid/crab, razor/crab, razor/lug, mackeral/lug, mackeral/crab. Forget coddling they just have not been there in any numbers this year.
Garryvoe is fishing crap and so is Ballywilling, but try the next beach along Ballycrennan over to the left by the rocks or right of the slip on an incoming tide. It could be good for Bass, codling and coalies right now.
I know bugger all about Red barn.
If I had a choice this coming weekend I would go to a beach withl very little fresh water going into it as this apect after all the rain and the end of the storm should hold fish on the beaches.

Thu Feb 05, 2004 7:17 pm

Thanks for the reply drseafish .