Cappa Pier

Mon Aug 08, 2005 10:25 pm

fished here Sunday am to 1 pm. Loads of baitfish shimering and mackeral crusing along the pier walls. A bit further inland there was a shoal of mackeral chasing the baitfish up on the the rocky shore, pretty spectacular.

Anyway from the pier as high water turned using Saturdays mackeral (frist time @ the Bridges of Ross) and casting out ~ 50 - 60M after a few doggies and mackeral (caught fishing the bottom - another first - and shook from the hook so he has a chance)

Then I landed a good sized Thornback (First no 3) which was the reason I set out that morning, and after an hour and a half looking for the little white gate from H Gilbeys ray and huss program I gave up and went to Cappa Pier. So this was a result. If anyone has the directions to this mark I would love them, post or PM, thx

I also took a very slight dab - 1/2 the size of my hand - how he managed to get his mouth around a size 1/0 semi circle I will never know. Anyway he was hooked out thro' the eye and so was dispached fried and served on half a cracker and shared with the patient Mrs. Marno who was sitting out a power cut in Miltown (and they say I never give her anything nice :wink: )......Beautiful morning and Big fun