5 mile point + Greystones Sth Beach

Mon Aug 08, 2005 12:14 pm

People: Myself and Tony (sisters other half)

Duration: 8am-4:45pm

Tide: High at about 12:30'ish

Weather: I have sunburn blisters!

Bait: Rag, peeler, sandeel, mack, mussel

Rigs: Any you can think of!

Results: 1 plaice

Report: Started out at 5 mile point, spent an hour there, only to be forced away by massive amounts of weed. Moved to the south beach then. Couple of lads already there with their families. Set up and got to work. Baits were coming back in untouched, even the peeler. Few more started to arrive, but didnt see anybody catch except for one young lad a bit further up, he took one small plaice. Beach started to fill up, one woman even decided to go for a dip just in front of where one guy was set up......silly of her, as people didnt bother coming down where the fishing was going on, they left us be. About an hour before pack up, Tony landed a small plaice, probably the one the young lad threw back! Went up to the harbour to have a nose, couple of blokes on the pier and an absolute w w wa.....wally flying around on a jetski, not far from where kids were swimming. Headed home then, burnt head and all! Lads, one thing.....although you may not see the sun, the UV rays see you....wear a hat!