around rosses donegal-maghery

Sun Aug 07, 2005 5:08 pm

got back friday. the fishing in donegal is so much better and different to here in wicklow and am missing it allready. i stayed in maghery just outside the village itself.
first day i found out the way down to the flat rocks at falmore. the locals were very helpfull and were free flowing with advice on marks in the area.
i fished here on 3 occasions and i must say the place is stunning. the last day i fishd here there wasnt a puff oof wind but what little there was at sea was comming from the west and the sea here waas spectacular with huge waves. the sky was clear blue and with 3 wrasse which fell to shore crab, mussle and limpets it made for a really enjoyable session. the other 2 days here were brill a northerly the sea was flat and gin clear in the gullies. i caught my biggest fish ever here which was a wrasse of over 4 1/2 pounds. im sure this doesnt seem great for my biggest fishto you but this was special as i saw the fish take the float fished crab and swim away before i struck. the average size of fish was 2 lbs with none under one. i only float fished as too many snags to leger. biggest fish came to crab. :)
i also tried the rocks to the right of maghery beach spinning sandeel.managed one mackerel of 1 3/4 lbs. was pleased with this fish though as apparently the mackerel havent come into the maghery bay at all in severel years even to the boats . didnt manage any pollack spinning.
next night i tried legering off these rocks in hope of flats and dogs using sandeel.had no luck with these however as i was realling in to change bait half way in i felt a big thump :shock: and a bit confussed i continued to real then a brill fight. a pollack of about 3lbs had greabbed the eel on the way in. what a place! :D
also tried the lighthouse rocks one night spinning sandell for about an hour and a half and managed 1 pollack of about 1 pound.
all fish were returned even the mackerel though i dont think they can survive but had notin to knock it wth.
all together a very enjoyable and my favourite place to fish with spectacular views and sunsets.
just a note. deffinately dont fish falmore in anyway fair westerly as the place is deadly and unfishable. visited here in these conditions and the sea was spectacular to watch at a safe distance. huge waves and powerfull seas maade for some good photos.
also anyone know of any comfortable rock marks in wicklow that are good to fish. :D

killing mackerel

Mon Aug 08, 2005 9:10 pm


Superb wrasse - not had one over two lbs all season! Green so I am!


As reported on the conservation forum, a handled mackerel is a dead un.

The quickest way to despatch a mackerel (and also the cleanest before you all start reaching for rocks, priests and spanners!) is to insert your index finger into the mouth, placing your thumb between its eyes, and snap the neck up firmly whilst holding the body still. Hold the body cavity (ahem!) out to seaward as they can can excrete at the time, often explosively!

It is quick, painless and avoids skittering mackerel in a bucket or boat or around the rocks, pier etc. BTW, the really big ones can bite but the teeth are very small on all mackerel. Do not do this on a ling mind :lol:

Finally, gut them immediately and cook them the same day - anything else aint mackerel. Roll in silver foil, bake, unroll.... guaranteed nothing like it.


Mon Aug 15, 2005 4:52 pm

Well done col,

I know that area very well as this is where my family all round that area that was a nice wrasse. That was some nice fishing you had there and i wish it could have been me lucky #!@$!$^$ Im in america for the summer and there is definately no place like up there by falmore.

I take it you went into strand view bar for a few cold ones :lol: :lol: