Sat Aug 06, 2005 10:40 pm

People: myself and dottie


Tide:H.W. 19.30

Weather:dull/damp little or no wind


Rigs:running leger

Results:me; 2 bream
4 bass
1 flounder 2lb+
7 bass 1 just under 4lb
2 bream 1lb each
Report:spent most of the time walking about spotted as shoal of bream seen them take bait still managed to miss 4out of the 6 bites
dottie had good fishing down near the point lost a fish that looked like a big bream think there teeth cut the line
macks came in around h.w. chaceing huge shoals of sprat [herring] onto beach wonder if there is any bass under the macks?
going fishing again tomorrow yes/yes/yes/ah