cunnigar4/7 poacher/bream

Fri Aug 05, 2005 12:10 am



Tide:h/w. 19.00??

Weather:wet/windy. s.w.


Rigs:running leger/pennel rigged

Results:2 g.h.s.b. one 2.5lb
few small bass

Report: bream on first casts; schoolies after that.
fished the same area yesterday blanked fished the day before got 8 bass?????
seen some nice groups of bream/flashing/splashing like mullet think they come to surface when running and/or around H.W.
2lber gave some scrap bass feel tame in commparason fast as a swallow/fights all the way only fish to compare with isl seatrout when first hooked or a mack. on light tack.
think the bream like thebigger tides
wonder if i shoud change bait maybe try shellfish for bream hard to get away from the lugs though
seen a small bass about 1lb in 4in. water
seen 4 big bass when walking in water one was faced away from me with his head in some weed snapped at something it flushed walked right up to it then it shot off
would like to take photos of same do i need a special camara??
will be trying for some bream again tomorrow