Greystones southbeach - bank holiday monday

Wed Aug 03, 2005 4:11 pm

People: meself aka kiwi and the wifey

Duration:2:30pm - 8:00pm (how did I keep her that long)

Tide: lw at 3:45pm

Weather:wind nil, mild with sunny spells

Bait:rag (barely alive, does it matter?), frozen mackerel & sandeel

Rigs: 2 hook flappers & 2 hook wishbone on a pulley

Results: 1 LSD, a couple of bites but nothing else.

Report: There were loads of sea trout (I think) jumping clear
of the water the whole time I was there and only 5 foot from the
shore at times !! Do you think I could catch one - not a chance !!
The cormorants seemed to be filling the bellies though, loads of
them struggling to swallow flatties. nice spot on a nice day if it
wasn't for the 30 or so teens in the beer bottle throwing brigade.