cunnigar [bass]2/8/05

Tue Aug 02, 2005 8:32 pm

People:myselfand two kids


Tide:H.W.17.00 3.5 meter springing

Weather:blustary S.W./sun/showers.


Rigs:simple running leger

Results:8 bass around 1.5lb 1 3lber

Report:walked out in water 200/400 meters at this range the water is2.5/3ft deepcasted about 70 meter then walk ed slowly with tide parrelle to beach covered about 3/4 mile
lovely way to angle only used 10 lugs got 1 double 3lber+1lber
on the top hook of pennel uesed 1 oz lead bullets 1/0 hooks
did not miss a fish.
will be trying for some bream over the next few days tides/weather look good for it