roney point - north wexford

Sun Jul 31, 2005 4:18 pm

People: myself and the little fella

Duration: 15.00 - 19.00

Tide: high tide @ 17.30

Weather: cloudy with a slight north easterly

Bait: lugs, sandeels and mackeral

Rigs: two rods using clip down rigs 3/0 hooks

Results: 4 dogfish


Roney point proved to be a popular location on the bank holiday saturday. I counted up to 14 anglers during my stay.Interestingly all of these anglers fished on the south side of the point, with none taking up the chance to fish off the rock mark. the day seemed to be reasonable for daylight fishing - dull, coloured water and a slight swell. However the fishing was poor. I seen one of the anglers pulling in a small flounder but little other activity. we decided to set up on the rock mark using cocktails of lug and sandeel on one rod and mackeral on the other rod both cast at distance resulting in 4 LSDs. the fishing tailed off after high tide. If I can remember correctly I think LSDs are the only species I have caught during all my outings- am having a bad year !!

hey mick

Tue Aug 02, 2005 10:19 pm

hows it going mick

i was there myself on saturday. were you the lads i saw up on the rocks pulling in all those doggies. i was just about 50 yards up the south beach from you fishing one beachcaster and a light 8 footer that i held the whole time. some crowd at that beach wasn't there?

didn't do to badly, got about five flats (alright sizes) and one small bass. caught them all on the light tackle just beside the rocks u were fishing from. great fun fishing with it, you feel every movement of the fish.

did you see all those lads out for the night session. they had some setup. it took them a good few trips to get all that equipment down.

Wed Aug 03, 2005 6:59 pm

hi Big bass,

yes that was myself and my son on the rock. I used to live only a couple of miles from that beach and fished it regularly untill I moved to Waterford.

I often had that beach to myself on occasions,but it was nice to see a few anglers around. I was speaking to one of those lads setting up camp they were there for the weekend, I wonder how they got on ?. I thought the fishing was quite poor on saturday, I was expecting a few bass. I often pulled in bass up to 4lb from that spot and up furthur on the point.

what did the bass you caught fall to. I couldnt get my hands on any peeler which i think is the best bait for that area.
I enjoy fishing that beach and hope to get down again soon.


Thu Aug 04, 2005 12:05 am

hey again mick

it was actually peeler that the bass fell to.

your right it is a lovely spot to fish. i fish around that area most weekends cause i have a holiday home up in ballmoney. i fish between clones strand down as far as wexford.

give us a (pm) next time your fishing there, i'd like to give that spot ago again myself. i think it would fish well with a bit of a surf running but not too much or it tends to get a bit too weedy