Puerto Rico - 19th July 2005

Tue Jul 26, 2005 8:33 am

People: Me, the Girlfriends Little Brother, an Irish Man, an English man, and 3 Austrians (sounds like a bad joke)

Duration: 3pm to 8pm


Weather: Very Rough

Bait: Lures

Rigs:80lb and 130lb

Results:7 Skipjack Tuna between 3lbs and 7lbs

Report: Well lads, it wasnt as successful as I hoped, but what an experience it was! I had my first Skipjack Tuna of about 4-5lbs, but it was the girlfriends 11 year old brother who on his debut, stole the show! He caught 4 nice Skipjacks/Bonitos. Biggest about 7lb. And there were only 7 caught all day. We arrived at 3pm to hear from the Skipper that they had caught nothing at all that morning from 9am til 3pm, so i wasnt in the best of spirits bout catching! But when we got out there, I could have caught nothing, and still had a ball. The conditions were bad, dont get me wrong it was about 40 degrees, but the sea was very rough!!!! Thank god for my sea legs!!! We were out there trawling about 2 hours and Shane (11) was feeling very rough, the usual head in the hands situation, when suddenly his lure was taken, and that sweet sound of line being taking woke him from the dead! He shot up, and grabbed the rod and bagged his first ever fish, and a nice one at that too!!! Boy was I jealous! But he caught a few more, and 2 of the Austrians caught one each. Mine was the last one, and I can tell u, them Tuna can sure fight, even the small ones!!! All in All, it was amazing, except for the stick off everyone for being showin up by an 11 year old debutant when we returned! Ive a few pictures to upload, and i'll do it later on, I tried yesterday, but it wouldnt let me do it. If anyone is going over its http://www.bluemarlin3.com, it seems to be the most popular Big Game Fishing boat on the island, and its defo worth a go.


Codswallop (think i'll change my name to Tunaswallop)

Fri Jul 29, 2005 2:54 pm

Picture Added to my Personal Gallery, 2 more to follow! This is the one on they have uploaded on there site. http://www.bluemarlin3.com